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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Book Chapter: PASSPORT NUMBER B-2362296

- Chapter Opening: Passport Number B-2362296 -

n late December 1971, armed with his new US Army issued identification card and accompanying piles of Army paper with the Jensen name and Social Security numbers all over them,[1] Private Jensen stopped off in Berkeley, California with a panel truck, to clean up his belongings from the rooming house owned by Leonard Coats[2] at 1314 Poe St.[3] and on December 20 he also picked up a new passport. 
From a Brazilian Federal Police document, their government and presumably others were not informed until August 10, 1972 that Jensen (Passport No. B-2362296) might be stopping by or passing through.
[1] In 1979, every Army anything I had was emblazoned with my name and SSAN, even my duffle bags.
[2] New York Times, January 14, 1972.
[3] San Francisco Examiner, “Bay Address – Alias Traced Bank Bomber”, January 15, 1972.
Note: The footnotes here begin at 1, but in the book they begin at 1 in the beginning and increase throughout the book, they do not restart by chapter.

This chapter continues with a translation of the Brazilian Federal Police documents.  Images of the original are in the Documents chapter of the book.

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