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Monday, October 14, 2013

Michael Nolan of The Freeman chatting about Time Bomber the Book

Recorded October 10, 2013

A free-form chat with Michael Nolan about the book and events of the era.  We go everywhere from the intentional detonation of the San Francisco Bank of America bomb on September 7, 1971 to the Diggers and Emmett Grogan's rape of Anita Hoffman (Abbie's wife).  The latter was punishment for a copyright infringement.  He was the editor for my first magazine article about this story.


  1. You were acquainted with the California Diggers? I knew Peter Berg and Peter Coyote.

    1. No, I was not familiar with them until I started researching this book. Was hoping Mr. Coyote knew the bomber I am writing about, but he doesn't.

      I have been corresponding via email with him about what was going on in the Digger days with Abbie Hoffman. Cool guy, he sent me a picture with permissions to use in the book trailer and crowdfunding videos for people I spoke with for research.

      Were you around them around 1972?